1. NUKE (ET, EM, MM) rating info sheets...
  2. Machinist Mate (Nuclear Field) (MM) Information
  3. Electronics Technician (Nuclear) (ET) information
  4. Electricians Mate (Nuclear Field) EMN information
  5. A Good Video of What to Expect at NNPTC
  6. Rating Information Sheet for EM
  7. More NUKE rating info stuff...
  8. Vehicle question...
  9. Nuke pay
  10. nukes in boot camp
  11. ASVAB and NAPT
  12. Chances of getting the job I want?
  13. High School Math Qualification
  14. Clarification needed for NUC line scores and the NAPT.
  15. Dream Sheet?
  16. Security clearance
  17. Leave during A School/Power/Prototype?
  18. Enlisted to Officer
  19. Any tips on making it through all the schooling and training?
  20. Question about age waiver for nuke
  21. Charleston, SC or Balston Spa, NY for prototype?
  23. NAPT Information
  24. Little more detail on Nukes
  25. NAPT Qualifications...
  26. Surface or Sub
  27. "Special Physicals" at RTC
  28. School Attire
  29. Nuke Screening?
  30. Preparing for NFAS/NPS/NPTU
  31. A Few Questions About The Pipeline
  32. Is my recruiter 'bs'ing me?
  33. Life on a ship
  34. What to review for the pipeline? (Not an NAPT thread)
  35. Happy Uke to be Happy Nuke?
  36. Typical Day at A-school/Powerschool/prototype
  37. Getting to Charleston after PIR
  38. Which Nuclear Rating does what?
  39. NAPT question
  40. Charleston SC must do's!
  41. Goose Creek, SC and nearby areas
  42. Degree Credits and Certifications
  43. Life after Nuke School
  44. Nuke Phases
  45. Enlisted NF recruit (already have a bachelors), probability of OCS?
  46. Security Clearance question
  47. New NUC qualifications
  48. Car?
  49. ASVAB Line Scores
  50. Classing up after a-school? NUC questions
  51. Nuke... how hard is it to get it?
  52. WARNO, just so you all know...
  53. Opportunity Cost
  54. Wisdom Teeth
  55. NUKE questions.
  56. Nuke coordinator
  57. Financial Waivers.......FML!!
  58. ASVAB and NAPT
  59. Nuke clearance question
  60. ET, EM, and MM
  61. BESS School
  62. Interesting help needed regarding Sub Vol
  63. Nuclear Field
  64. Going overseas while on DEP as a NUKE
  65. Shore Duties
  66. Nuke FY Quota
  67. Reenlistment bonuses
  68. Qualifications
  69. what can i expect at A school? Or Charleston in general?
  70. Nuke duties while not at sea
  71. Not sure about NF anymore?
  72. Ship Duties
  73. Choose Goose Creek or Balston Spa
  74. Speakers at NNPTC
  75. Housing
  76. Switching Surface-Sub later in career
  77. Luxuries in Barracks at NNPTC
  78. Getting along with fellow nukes
  79. Nuke School College Credits
  80. Nuclear STA 21 questions
  81. Ask me anything about NNPTC
  82. Need Advice.
  83. Married Sailors trying to be Nukes? Come here!
  84. Stay enlisted or go officer? Also ELT...
  85. Sea Shore Flow Changes for Nuclear Enlisted Announced
  86. Buying a car while in Nuke School?
  87. Staff Pickup at NNPTC
  88. Lie detector test?????
  89. Advice for a female nuke?
  90. NAPT for homeschoolers?
  91. Household stuff after prototype
  92. Helpful Hints (from a former NPS instructor) on Preparing for and Completing Nuke School
  93. Career Advice for First Term Nukes
  94. The "other" Nuke Rating
  95. A Nuke School Success Story for parents of Sailors who are struggling (Also for anyone headed to Nuke School having doubts about their ability to make it)
  96. Cliff's Notes on Prototype Training
  97. Pregnant as a nuke
  98. Academic Boards at Nuclear Power School