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  1. HM Rating Info Sheet
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  3. Selecting Job: I WANT HM CORPSMAN
  4. Corpsman Questions
  5. How can I convince my recruiter to put HM rate on my contract?
  6. Questions about C Schools
  7. Hospital Corpsman "C" Schools manning level?
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  10. What do HM's actually do while in the fleet?
  11. Question about orders after A School
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  17. Surgical Tech
  18. HMDA what to study???
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  21. Did I mess up anything?
  22. where do HMDA get assigned
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  28. HM-8401- Search and rescue
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  33. Advancement Question
  34. Green side vs Blue side
  35. Holiday leave during Corpsman school
  36. Asking for LASIK
  37. Tomorrow is the big day
  38. Experienced HMs
  39. Day-2-Day/ Traumatic?
  40. Fleet Marine Force?
  41. C School Guarantee
  42. Question about changing NECs.
  43. HM DPEP?
  44. Bachelor of Science in Nursing = Conflict of Interest?
  45. What to expect HMDA
  46. Orthopedic
  47. Independent Duty Corpsman
  48. Reserve HM in GA?
  49. HM-8409 (APT)
  50. The Pathways for HM - Which can I do?
  51. Hospital Corpsmen shore duty and sea duty periods?
  52. Fleet Returnee
  53. Tips for talking with a recruiter.
  54. Duty Stations for a Pharm Tech?
  55. HM (Corpsman) Chances of getting Yokosuka Japan?
  56. HM (Corpsman) Chances of getting stationed in Yokosuka Japan?
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