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Default Flags and Pennants that your Division can earn while at Boot Camp ~

Here is some info on Flags and pennants.

You can earn the drill flag, athletic flag, academic flag, and inspection flag; all the scores are added up for an average. Then if they score high enough they get a Battle E flag. If you score even higher still you get the CNO flag. That one's really hard to get.

When my son graduated, his division and one other division got the Battle E, and that other div also got the CNO...and that was out of 7, so it's tough.

Sometimes divisions get no flags or only get a couple they'll be missing flags at graduation. Lastly, there's the Captain's Cup flag. The olympic looking one. Only two divisions in the training group will get it; one integrated and one all male.

Here is a post from a new sailor....

Athletic and scholastic are pretty self explanatory; PT and academics. Star is the compartment flag. The one they get for inspections. The pennants just mean they earned the flag more than once. They get a little pennant to go on the top of the flag. (You'll see them at graduation).

There are three phase, but I can't remember the names of them. I think CART, MCA, and the final phase. Pennant for Phase means they're in the final lets FQA know "Hey, these guys have been here a while and they're almost them even closer for mess ups" lol and then the Pennant for Independent Steaming means they can march to and from different places without an RDC present.

Then there is the Hall of Fame Flag. This is the “mother” of all flags. This is an overall average of everything done in BC.

FLAGS: Hall of Fame Flag- Overall average of 4.70 or higher. Must have earned all evaluation flags (including subsequent awards).

CNO Honor Division Flag- Overall average of 4.50 or higher. Must have earned at least ONE flag in each evaluated area.

Battle "E" Flag- Overall average of 4.35 or higher. Must have earned at least ONE flag in each evaluated area.

Compartment Readiness (STAR) Flag- Awarded for obtaining a 4.0 average in compartment cleanliness, locker inspections and bunk make up inspections.

Drill Flag- Awarded for receiving a 4.0 or higher on drill assessment.

Physical Fitness (A) Flag- Awarded for receiving a 3.50 on first physical assessment and a 4.0 or higher on second assessment.

Scholastic (S) Flag- Awarded to divisions which receive a minimum of 4.0 on academic test.

Captain's Cup Olympics Flag- Awarded to the division who wins most events during Olympic Competition.

Special Flags- Carried by ceremonial units (900's) or sponsored divisions.

Personal Flag- Flag which is designed by the division.

Here is the page from the Keel that shows the flags.

Here is the best picture I could find of the Captain's Cup (Olympic Rings on a red background):

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As a side note, there are 2 variations of the CNO flag: CNO Gold and CNO Blue. They both have the same requirements, but when multiple CNO Flags are awarded, the division with the highest overall average in the Grad group gets the CNO Gold, the rest will get CNO Blue. The only difference in the flags is CNO Gold has the gold rope tassels around the border (like the hall of fame flag has in the picture above) while CNO Blue is just the flag (CNO Blue is pictured above). All boot camp is a competition, if you win your grad group its always a source of pride for both your division and your RDCs. CNO flag winners get an extra hour of liberty on graduation day and hall of fame an extra 2 hours usually as an incentive to excel, but that really is up to your RDCs, its not guaranteed.
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