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Question Another "Crossrating to CTN" thread

Hello all,

I'm brand new to the site and I've learned quite a bit already, but I still have a few questions. I just want to say thanks in advance to everyone who posts regularly here, you're a huge help.

A little (brutally honest) background info:
I enlisted in 2013 and smashed the ASVAB with a 96. I started off initially as a sub rate and excelled academically, but I screwed around and got myself a disciplinary drop. I went PACT seaman and served undes on CG56 where I planned on striking CTN. I hung out with the wrong crowd and went to mast after 11 months onboard, the month before I became eligible to pick up a rate requiring an A school. I reluctantly tested into BM and advanced to 3rd immediately. I saw a 7 month 6th/5th fleet deployment and returned January 2017. I put my CWAY in a few months ago and, against literally everyone's recommendations, applied "convert only to CTN". To my pleasant surprise, I actually got approved. I "refreshed" my clearance via SF86 and a very brief phone interview, and just today I got orders to JCAC in April. I also just picked up BM2 and will be pinned next week, and the program manager has already reassured me they have no problem taking me in as a fresh E-5. Needless to say, I am ecstatic and cannot wait.

I've read quite a few threads on here but, just like the navy, things are constantly changing, so I wanted to get a more recent perspective. I'll try to keep my questions brief, since I made you read that long into.

1. What differences can I expect to see as a fleet returnee? Specifically in the realm of living quarters, duty requirements, selecting final orders, or anything else.

2. I've done some schooling in the realm of computer science but I never got around to getting my certs. Would you recommend trying to get A+/Network+ in the next few months, or maybe something else? I've already started hitting the old textbooks and refreshing, so I think it'd be possible.

3. What options would I have if I wanted to move my wife with me? I already planned on leaving her here in Virginia to escape the hassle of moving for just 6 months, but I like to know all my potential options.

Any other advice would be greatly appreciated and I look forward to hearing from you all.
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I depped in as a CTN, but was dropped for academic reasons. I can give you a little insight. Fleet returnees have it a little easier than everyone else at Corry. I don’t remember seeing any fleet returnees doing roving watches. You may get stuck doing some MOOW or duty driver stuff. If you go there without your wife I’d expect to be in the barracks, but that’s not necessarily the case. The CTN barrack were total garbage when I was there, but they were building some new ones (they’re probably finished by now).
Any certain you can get will be helpful. Especially Network+ and Security+. There’s probably some more I’m overlooking. But think “network security.” Brush up on discreet mathematics. That’s where a lot of folks get hammered.
If you do take your wife you’ll be able to live off base. We had a guy that did that so unless things have changed it’s doable.
I know that’s not super helpful and someone else can probably fill you in better on these things, but that’s my $.02 on the matter.
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a-school, crossrate, ctn, orders

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