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Default Buying a car while in Nuke School?

I am currently in the DEP program and will be shipping out to boot camp in August. I am 23 and have a crappy car that I am hoping lasts me until then. When I get to A school in Charleston, how useful is it to have a car? Do I need one to go into town in Charleston and if not, how does that work? I am hoping I will be able to buy a newer car, so what are your guys opinions on buying a car while at nuke school?
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We live not-all-that-far from Charleston, so my son got his old junker down there, then bought a new car after Power School. You don't need a car until Prototype, and even then can probably get a ride. If you want one and can comfortably afford one, why not? But don't be one of those guys who has a big car payment and spends all his money, living paycheck to paycheck. Best to travel light at this stage of the game.
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There's services available to take you anywhere in the Charleston area that you wish to go. We have a bus service that takes you to the local mall, and taxi services who cater only to nukes.
Everything you need to make it all right through "A" school is within a walking distance. And the amount of free time you'll have while in school is very little.
So if you plan on living in the BEQ (barracks), a car is really unnecessary. If you're married, you will need one.

Once you're in prototype though, you get kicked out of the BEQ, and given BAH. at that point you'll be required to have a reliable vehicle to drive.

Being in "A" school now, I would suggest saving as much as you can through "A" school and powerschool so you are able to put a large down payment on a car. ~$10,000. Because the best loan you'll find will likely have very high interest.

Also you don't always have the freedom to drive while in "A"school either. Right now you don't get phase 2 (driving privileges) until week 8 of class. And even then you get phase stripped for just about anything you or your classmates do wrong. So a lot of "A" school students just have cars sitting in the parking lot for most of their time in school.

But a bike. A bike is a great idea.
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