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Leon S. Winters
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Default Inquiries

If an experienced IT of the Navy (or post-IT as well) could help me out it would be deeply appreciated. I'm curious to what some of the policies of "A" School (Pensacola, Florida - Correy Station) regarding the leniency of individual studies may be. I've had my own individual endeavors in web design/structure as well as graphic design; this requires a lot of internet freedom in my personal opinion. My particular questions are: How limiting is the internet access while in your dormitories? Are there restricted websites? Possibly a F.A.P. (Free-Access-Policy) policy that limits the amount of bandwidth you use through the day? Also what about curfew inside and outside of the dormitories?

These questions may be broad, but I believe it would relieve some stress of mine to understand see whether, or not I should even try to include my own personal passions with the Naval IT criteria we will need to study.


I do have college experience and I understand the importance in prioritizing what needs to be done now and later; an example being I know that the naval work must be over anything else.
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Your best bet to have this question answered is by this group: US Navy Information Systems Technicians .

They can assist with information of that sort, a bit more than here.

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Let me know if you have any questions on the pipeline! -ETN3 Nicknyte
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Donít count on being treated differently. We had people who had run their own IT businesses pre-navy and people with bachelorís degrees in with people straight out of high school who can barely turn on a computer. You all go through the same training. You all take the same tests. Your ability to use your well developed study skills will benefit you, but A school is pretty easy.

Individual studies? Like study on your own? Youíll have most of the day. In the classroom the internet is very limited. You are only supposed to be on navy websites. we found ways around it, but everything you do in there is very monitored. What you get away with will vary based on who is watching.

In the dorms You will either have the Navyís GoWifi or Mediacom. they are both monitored, but mostly only for illegal things like downloading things you shouldnít. They are both pretty slow and overpriced. Bandwidth is pretty much what you pay for. Donít expect much unless youíre up when no one else is.

Curfew is a constantly changing thing based on the rules at the time and what liberty phase youíre on. if you can stay in your room from midnight-6am, youíll stay out of most trouble. Expect to be treated like you are in middle school. Corry Station sucks, but itís easy. Just follow the rules and get out of there.

Remember that you want to be here. It was a choice you made. The navy doesnít need you. You arenít special to the navy yet. keep your head down, eyes forward, and good luck!
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