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Default Drunk guy last night.

So we got a call saying there was this drunk American out in town. And it was like 0130 and the bars close at 0000. So we go out there and we found out that this guy is a merchant marine. Witch means he is a civilian so we cant really do anything to him. So he is like way drunk, stumbling over stuff and falling down. So he wont tell us anything so we leave. About 45 mins later we get a call from Japanese police saying they are going to arrest this guy so we better come get him. He starting telling JPS that he belonged to the Navy base. So the watch commander and Patrol Supervisor go out there. They arrest the guy but he doesnt want to get in the car. So the Pat Sup gives him a good elbow in the head and says get in the car now. So they get him to the station and he is sitting in a room handcuffed. He decides he is going to get up and smoke a cigarette. So a 2nd class and I grab each of his arms and the pat sup says, put him on the F*%#ing deck. So we drop him. And I slammed his head into the wall, woopsie! So I left and had to go do something else, I guess they had to drop him like 3 more times, ended up hurting his nose real bad, blood everywhere. So the captain of his ship comes in and fires him on the spot. He was apologizing to all of us and the CDO. It was a fun night!

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HUMMMMM...if I had done that to a drunk I arrested in the CHP..I would have been fired. But I will admit I broke a guys arm pulling him out of his car through the window I had to break when he locked the doors saying no F***ing Bi**h was going to arrest him! This guy really pissed me off

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Man, I would have let the Japanese deal with him. He would have it a little harder in my opinion..... Getting the U.S. Embassy personnel there would at least taken 2 days. Which would equal "Missing ships movement". But either way, he still got fired.... With all the crap that is happening in Japan now, I don't blame the CO at all.....

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Craig I agree! I woulda let the Japanese deal with him too. It was his own fault that he was screwing off in a foreign country. Do something dumb, you pay the price!
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Always thought foreign countries were for screwing around in lol! Though, I must say he's an idiot for getting caught/letting it go to that extreme. Derek, only a broken nose? Ya'll were too nice. lol jk, I know about policies on handling someone.

My life moto now: FIDO "F*** it, Drive On"
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