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Talking A Heap of Questions about A and C School

To all who enter this thread: hello! :D

As my forum signature denotes, my ship day is just one more week away, and I still have so many questions!—about boot camp, about school, about life in general as a United States sailor. I've already fronted many of these questions to my recruiters and to my Navy veteran boyfriend, but working in my area's recruiting office are three petty officers who supply me with three different responses and my boyfriend (a) worked in the nuclear field and (b) finished serving a little over two years ago. In short, straightforward and up-to-date answers have been difficult for me to come by. :P

I am aware that I may not receive answers to all my questions, but I will certainly appreciate any that I do receive! If anyone has any relevant information on the brain, please don't be afraid to share it! C:

Now, since I do have so many, I will try to keep my inquiries as organized, short, and clear as I can. Wouldn't want to bore or overwhelm anybody. ;P

Note: I understand that each individual's Navy experience differs, regardless of rating, but if it will help anyone to know mine, I've enlisted as an Interior Communications Electrician (IC).

A School/C School

IX. I believe I am to attend both A school and C school in Great Lakes. I've heard that my designated schools are essentially right across the street from RTC. I'm just curious as to whether or not this is true.

X. What kind of personal items are sailors cleared to have in barracks? For instance, I'd like to have my pillow, a few pieces of civilian clothing, perhaps a sketchbook and some art supplies, my laptop, my Kindle, and an MP3 player, if regulations permit.

XI. What does a typical day at A school and C school entail? What is the actual schooling like? Do sailors attend one class that teaches them everything that they need to know, or do they attend multiple different classes each with its own separate subject material, as with high school or college? Does class begin and end at the same times every day?

XII. I've heard that if a sailor makes "top of their class" they are given an opportunity to choose their first duty station from a list of stations in need of sailors of their particular rating. Is this true, or is this just as unpredictable as most other things in the Navy?

XIII. What is the protocol for receiving visitors while sailors are at school? Does the protocol differ between A school and C school?



I'm sorry there are so many! I know no future sailor is 100% prepared for their journey, but I'd like to at least try to prepare myself as much as I can. This is a new start for me and I'd like to do my very best from the get-go.

To those who take the time to assist me, I thank you kindly. I know I am—quite literally—asking a lot, and, as I said before, any and all help is greatly appreciated!
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