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Default YN Rating Info

Attached are the YN rating info sheets.
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It takes a long time to make an old friend.

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Default The Truth About Being A Yeoman

YN job description: Yeomen perform administrative and clerical work. They receive visitors, answer telephone calls and sort incoming mail. They type, organize files and operate modern office equipment such as word processing computers and copying machines.

Sounds kinda dull. But the real function of a Yeoman is to provide customer service, helping shipmates navigate through the administrative maze that is the US Navy. Whether its aiding a new SA with a chit to go home for the Holidays or an Admiral with the proper protocol for greeting foreign dignitaries, its all about helping others. If a YN wannabe does not have the proper helpful attitude then s/he should move along. In 1945 it was writen “A yeoman must be of keen intellect, ambitious worker, conscientious objector towards right or wrong, a brilliant conversationalist, a dramatic orator, an excellent mathematician, a handsome courier, and a genial personality.”

Genial - cheerful, friendly, and sympathetic; amiable.

Every Sailor will tell you stories about someone in their admin office misplacing orders, losing files, giving them a runaround and generally making lives miserable. There are Sailors that wear the rating of YN who don’t belong there because they lack that genial personality. A successful YN must be a people-person.

When my daughter was sworn in at MEPS, the lieutenant told her that as a YN she was going to get a lot of ‘face time’ with officers. Very true. And because of that face time, officers quickly learn which Yeomen can be counted on to produce results. The Yeomen with the keen intellect and genial personalities quickly rise to the surface.

That is what happened to my daughter on her very first command, a brand new warship still under construction. She was the sixteenth member to join the fledgling crew or Pre-Commissioning Detachment (PCD). By the time she left the ship, she had risen from a green YNSA to YN2(SW), become the Ship’s Secretary answering directly to the Commanding Officer and earned two Navy Achievement Medals. Along the way she wore a number of hats:

She was the CO’s ‘talker’ while on the bridge, relaying his commands to the deck crew. This gave her a prime view when the ship traversed the Panama Canal.

Training in the military justice system gave her the job of handling all the administrative functions for legal proceedings, including taking the minutes at all Captain’s Masts. That was a real eye opener.

As a volunteer member of the helo deck’s ‘Smash & Crash’ team she earned a flight deck Green Shirt. Thank goodness she never had to put her firefighting and rescue skills to use in an emergency situation.

Having been a member of her middle and high school color guard made her a natural for the ships ceremonial unit.

She organized and maintained the ship’s library.

Because she was trusted by the CO and XO, she got to serve as Officer of the Deck while in port, managing who came and went, as well as security. Where else can a 20 year be the bosses secretary AND carry a gun?!

The day of the ship’s commissioning she served as the Executive Officer’s personal assistant. For the commissioning itself, he acted as master of ceremonies on the dais and my YN was positioned just a couple of steps behind, ready to deal with any unforeseen incidents. The dais was crowded with Admirals, Congressmen, all manner of dignitaries and one lone enlisted person, my daughter.

I’m sure I’m forgetting a bunch of other things. But the point is that being a YN can be a lot more than just sorting mail and typing correspondence. It’s the type of job that can be whatever a Sailor makes of it.

And it’s the type of job that can take a Sailor anywhere s/he wants to go. Think about it: Yeomen serve on every type of ship and shore installation. Carriers, subs, surface warfare, Seabees, aviation squadrons. (Do the Blue Angels have Yeomen? Five last time I looked.) Every Admiral has a YN (aka Flag Writer) as an aid. Shore installations in the US and abroad, even in foreign hot spots. Any US Embassy that has a Naval Attache will have Yeomen handling Administrative tasks. Every US Navy base and ship, anywhere in the world, has opportunities for Yeomen.

Right now my YN is assigned to a facility that I can’t mention for OPSEC reasons. Incredibly high security clearance and the opportunity to earn a Presidential Service Badge . A lot of what she has done came under the broad category of Human Resources, an area she's studying for her college degree in Business Administration. She has served on the facility's recruiting team and had a opportunity to travel to nearly all the big fleet bases. As security Yeoman she acted as the facility's liaison with OPM (Office of Personnel Management), DONCAF (NCIS' division that handles security clearances), SECNAV (Secretary of the Navy) and the WHMO (White House Military Office). Currently she is the LPO (lead petty officer) and administrative assistant to the facility's CO, XO and CMC. Lots of officer face time again.

Because of the facility's high security, remote location and small staff, all watch standers have to be qualified firefighters. She attended a civilian firefighters academy and is fully certified. She has learned to drive the facility’s fire truck and ambulance. A couple months back she stood in as the command's photographer when some very, very important guests passed through and the resident MC was on vacation. Since then she has gotten further photography training from a staff member of All Hands magazine. She is still trying on different hats. And, when she is free to talk, doing things that blow me away. Like I said being a YN can be anything a Sailor wants to make of it. If your Sailor is up to the task, Yeoman can be a very fulfilling career choice.

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YNDad - Great Post! Thankyou!

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