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Default More EO rating info stuff...

Equipment Operator (EO)

Equipment Operators work with heavy machinery such as bulldozers, power shovels, pile drivers, etc. They use this machinery to dig ditches, excavate for building foundations, break up old concrete or asphalt paving and pour new paving. They grade and remove debris from construction sites, raise girders, and move and set in place other pieces of equipment or materials needed for the job.

EO Equipment Operator (EO's) Equipment Operators operate heavy transportation and construction equipment including, trucks, bulldozers, backhoes, graders, forklifts, cranes and asphalt equipment.

The duties performed by EOs include:

* operating a wide variety of heavy-duty, self-propelled construction equipment for projects including, building construction, roadway construction, pier construction, grading and excavation;
* performing minor maintenance on equipment to ensure safe, efficient operation;
* serving as members of a crane crew to rig cable assemblies and change attachments for various lifting and pile-driving operations;
* preparing operational reports on equipment;
* operate rock crushing and well-drilling equipment;
* perform as blasters for construction projects;
* Reading and interpreting blueprints and preparing sketches for projects;
* making estimates of material, labor, and equipment requirements.

Working Environment

EOs may work in a variety of conditions, independently or as members of a large team. Their many different duties may be performed in climates ranging from tropical to arctic.

A-School (Job School) Information

Fort Leonard Wood, MO -- 92 calendar days

Security Clearance Requirement: None

Other Requirements

* 60 month enlistment obligation
* Must have normal color perception
* Must have a valid drivers license
* No DUI within one year
* No major accidents

Sub-Specialties Available for This Rating: Navy Enlisted Classification Codes for EO

Current Manning Levels for This Rating: CREO Listing

Note: Advancement ( promotion ) opportunity and career progression are directly linked to a rating's manning level (i.e., personnel in undermanned ratings have greater promotion opportunity than those in overmanned ratings).

Sea/Shore Rotation for This Rating

* First Sea Tour: 54 months
* First Shore Tour: 36 months
* Second Sea Tour: 54 months
* Second Shore Tour: 36 months
* Third Sea Tour: 48 months
* Third Shore Tour: 36 months
* Fourth Sea Tour: 36 months
* Forth Shore Tour: 36 months

Note: Sea tours and shore tours for sailors that have completed four sea tours will be 36 months at sea followed by 36 months ashore until retirement.

** Note: CM and EO combine at paygrade E-9 to the rating of Master Chief Equipmentman (EQCM).

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