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Default Machinist Mate, Weapons (MM-WEP)

The MM-WEP is a Machinist Mate (MM), assigned aboard a Navy submarine, who specializes in maintenance and repair of submarine weapon systems. MM-WEPs are responsible for the shipping, unloading, loading and storage of missiles, weapons and torpedoes of all different types. Theyl work to coordinate and operate a variety of underwater weapons and weapons launch systems, up to and including hydraulic and compressed air launch systems. You cannot get a guarantee for this rating. You can volunteer to become a Submarine Machinist Mate, and you are assigned to either MM-AUX (Machinist Mate for submarine auxilary equipment), or MM-WEP during the training pipeline. There are also nuclear-trained Machinist Mates aboard Navy submarines.

Typical duties include:
  • checking weapons storage, security and alarm systems;
  • maintaining equipment work logs and torpedo record books;
  • identifying torpedo components, tools and test equipment as well as ordering replacements;
  • corrective maintenance on hydraulic and pneumatic systems and components associated with launching systems;
  • serving as team members performing inspections and final close-out checks on weapons;
  • testing equipment using voltmeters, ammeters, meggers and ohmmeters;
  • testing and replacing portable cable, self-contained relays, lamps and fuses;
  • locating and identifying components and assemblies of electronic equipment;
  • using and caring for common hand tools, special tools and soldering equipment;
  • tracing mechanical/electrical circuits on schematics and drawings.

Working Environment

Machinist's Mates (Submarines) work within, and external to, the hull of a submarine in engine rooms or shops that are sometimes hot, noisy and dirty. Their work is sometimes physical, and they must be able to work closely with others as well as alone with limited supervision.

A-School (Job School) Information

Groton, CT -- 4 weeks (Basic Enlisted Submarine School)
Groton, CT --4 weeks (Sub MM A School)
Note: Following MM A School, students go on to either the Auxilery Pipline, or follow-on Weapons courses.

ASVAB Score Requirement: VE+AR+MK+MC=210

Security Clearance Requirement: Top Secret

Other Requirements

Must be U.S. Citizen
Most have normal color perception
Must have normal hearing.
Must volunteer for submarine duty
Must have no record of conviction by civil court for any offense other than minor traffic.
Moral turpitude offenses are generally disqualifying.
No history of drug abuse.

Sea/Shore Rotation for This Rating

First Sea Tour: 54 months
First Shore Tour: 36 months
Second Sea Tour: 42 months
Second Shore Tour: 36 months
Third Sea Tour: 42 months
Third Shore Tour: 36 months
Fourth Sea Tour: 36 months
Forth Shore Tour: 36 months
Note: Sea tours and shore tours for sailors that have completed four sea tours will be 36 months at sea followed by 36 months ashore until retirement.

Link to the direct information: Here
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