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My recruiter switched from marine corps to navy during his DEP time. Sure his recruiter in the marines was mad, but he wasn't obliged for anything until that second swear-in at MEPS. He said everything transfered over and all the Navy did was ask the marine corps for his documents. I also thought about changing branches during DEP if that makes you feel better. I did some researching and stuff and found out that you need to have a DEP discharge. I brought this up to my recruiter and his chief and LPO in my NRS. Lol obviously they want to keep you and solve whatever is the problem but yes, you need to be fully discharged from DEP before other recruiters from another branch can work with you, especially since you signed a contract that binds you to them. The other branch that I was interested in called me (which is illegal, not supposed to done) and told me what to do and how to transfer out once I'm done.

Hope everything works out for you though!
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