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Originally Posted by lfiguero View Post
My son has Air Crew AW contract with a ship date to RTC of 9/277/18. He is REALLY interested in Rescue Swimmer/AIRR. Since MEPS, he was contacted by the area SPECWAR contact that discussed the option to delay current RTC ship date to get in condition for Rescue Swimmer and to get an AIRR Contract. He would instead go to RTC when an 800 Division is being offered. (could be 6 mos. later) During this period, the Navy would work with him to condition through weekly group sessions and conduct monthly PST's to monitor progress. (basically, get him conditioned to make it.) Based on progress, the are SPECWAR person would get him a Tier 1 or Tier AIRR contract. He's scheduled to do PST This thursday to see how far off mark he is, establish a baseline.

My question is... If he doesn't PST qual at RTC 800 Division or Rescue Swimmer school, assuming he'll still be able to be an Aircrewman? Just not Aircrew wet but could be on Fixed wing. (not the end of the world)

I'm confident he'll do OK. The kid's a fish in the water and totally comfortable in the water. Certified SCUBA diver, lifeguard in summer.
Im not entirely sure how it would work at RTC, but Id assume that theyd work with him until he passes the PST. As for RSS, if he gets to Pensacola and cant complete the PST successfully the odds are that hell get rerated.
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