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mxchelle 10-09-2020 07:49 AM

Online Classes
Interested in becoming a CTI, currently prepping for the ASVAB.

DLI seems intimidating. Now that classes are held online because of the pandemic, is it easier in comparison to taking the class in person? Do you still live at the institute in Monterey or can you live anywhere while taking the online course?

ejrwelch 01-11-2021 07:46 AM

CTI2 here. So I haven't done the online classes at DLI yet, but I am heading back there in a few weeks for a relang. We do have to do yearly refreshers though out in the fleet and those have been online too. For the refreshers it was great, but I personally think it's going to make basic (beginner courses like the one you would be taking) difficult because there are more distractions and you don't have the atmosphere that gives you the whole experience. Sadly, you have to be at DLI for the courses. J was hoping to be able to stay here at my duty station for the course, but they are still making me PCS back to Monterey. This is due to them not knowing exactly when they will switch back to in person learning. I might see you when you get out there!

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